During the 1960's Dana Montana was a young Playboy Bunny at the Chicago Playboy Club.

Her grandmother had a small house near Lake Geneva on Lake Como where Dana would visit and often enjoy her favorite past-time horseback-riding. One wintry day as Dana rode her horse down a somewhat deserted Wisconsin County Road H, she spotted an old ramshackled building about 100 yards ahead. The broken down sign tried to say "THE CLUB J-MAR". Dana dismounted and cautiously approached

Initially, the club was just a typical bar with live bands. With the passing of a few years a unique idea struck our founder. The idea? . . . . To reverse the sex roles and turn men into strippers. She advanced the idea to several people including a bodyguard for the famous performer Liberace, whom she had met at a poker game. Incredibly she talked him into becoming her first male dancer . . . . his name was Larry Slade.

The rest is history, for more than 30 years women from across the country have visited "THE SUGAR SHACK" and loved it! As a result Dana has been featured on the "Phil Donahue Show", the Tom Snyder "Tomorrow Show", "20/20", the "Geraldo Rivera Show", as well as scores of other radio and television shows. She has been written about in "Time Magazine", "People Magazine", and every major newspaper in the United States.

Dana Montana and "THE SUGAR SHACK" are a legitimate rags to riches story. A true American phenomenon!!!